Body mass index and its relationship with socio-economic variables in Schoolgirls

Purreza Abolghasem, Leila Dehghankar, Moslem Jafarisani, ali Pouryosef, Hamidreza Tadayyon, Ali Khalafi


Background: Evaluation of anthropometric and body mass index is not only widely used to assess children's development, but also is simplicity, affordability and reliability and most powerful tool to study the growth and development of children in different societies. BMI is one of the most important indicators of the growth, especially in childhood, which can be influenced by some socio - economic variables. The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between body mass index with some of the socio - economic conditions in children with a primary and secondary education to physical development factors and social - economic conditions affecting the BMI.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional study and 200 children between 7 to 17 years of primary and secondary schools were selected and divided into two groups. Tools used in this study were questionnaires, Balance and Tape measure. Data were analyzed by SPSS 20 software. P<0.05 considered statiscally significant.

Results: Majority of the samples was in normal and thin range. High school student girls had a lower average body mass index, and percentage of weight loss was greater among them.

Conclusion: Socio-economic variables affect the lifestyle of families and they can be associated with BMI.


Keywords: Body mass index, female students, parents socio-economic variables.

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