The Effect of Aloe vera (Linn) On Cutaneous Wound Healing and Wound Contraction Rate in Adult Rabbits

Martha Orendu Attah, Tonye Watson Jacks, Attah Jacob, Otong Eduitem, Barnabas John


Background: In the present research study, the rate of cutaneous wound healing and contraction rate in healthy rabbits using Aloe vera pulp was studied.

Methods: Ten healthy rabbits were used for the study. They were divided into two groups consisting of five rabbits each. Cutaneous wounds were made on the lumbar region of each rabbit using a template which ensured that the wounds were of the same size in all the rabbits. 5ml of Aloe vera gel was applied to the wounds of the animals in the test group, while nothing was applied to the wound area of the animals in the control group. The wound area in each group was measured for a period of 21 days, using a venire caliper and tracing paper which was used to trace the wound area. Tissue samples were removed from the wound area in both experimental and control groups and subjected to routine histological analysis, also, morphometric analysis was performed.

Results: The rate of wound contraction and mean centripetal contraction was calculated in both groups and graphically represented using Microsoft Excel. The results showed that animals who were treated with Aloe vera gel had a greater wound contraction rate, as well as rapid wound closure. The micrographs showed a thicker epithelial layer, with thinner collagen fibers in the dermis of experimental animals compared to the control group. There was also an abundant capillary bed at the dermal-epidermal junction in the experimental group, compared to the control group.

Conclusion:  Aloe vera may increase the rate of wound healing by accelerating epithelial migration, and may also play a role in neo-vascularization of the newly healed area.

Keywords: Aloe vera, Cutaneous Wounds, Rabbits, Wound Contraction, Wound Healing

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