Biochemical Evidence of Aggravated Hepato-renal Damage in Alcohol Consuming Male Mechanics Occupationally Exposed to Petroleum Products

ayobola iyanda


Introduction: Harmful lifestyle choices are sometimes found to co-exist with occupational hazard in some individuals yet the possible modulating effect of one on the other in some occupational types remains undetermined. The present study is designed to investigate synergetic effects of alcohol consumption and petroleum product exposure on hepato-renal function in auto-mechanics. Material and methods: Of the 80 mechanics recruited for the study, 35 abstained from alcohol consumption; 45 others consumed alcohol whereas of the 75 participants not exposed to petroleum products, forty were alcohol consuming but unexposed to fuel, the remaining thirty-five were non-fuel, non-alcohol exposed subjects. Hepato-renal markers were determined using serum obtained from 5 mL of venous blood. Analysis of variance was used to test the statistical difference; with p value of < 0.05 was considered significant. Results: In alcohol and non-alcohol consuming auto-mechanics markers of hepato-renal function were significantly altered compared with control but these alterations were more pronounced in alcohol consuming mechanics. Conclusion: Evidence obtained from the study indicates alcohol consumption is capable of aggravating hepato-renal abnormalities associated with petroleum product toxicity.

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