Determination of Menstrual Profile and Its Disorders among Babur/Bura: A Case Study of Government Girls’ Secondary School (G.G.S.S) Marama, Borno State

Mshelizah Yalma Juliana, Attah Martha Orendu, Sadiya Balogun Ufeli


Background: This study was conducted to investigate the menstrual profile and its disorders among Babur/Bura in Government Girls Secondary School (G.G.S.S) Marama. Although the menstrual cycle is a normal physiological event in the life of adolescent and adult females, the abnormalities in the cycles are little discussed among girls and knowledge menstrual profile will help in better advising the young women concerned

Materials and Methods: An Open and Close Questionnaire was designed and distributed to students/respondents of the school. The questionnaires were collected and analyzed.

Findings:  The result showed that there were several variations in menstrual characteristics among Babur/Bura tribe. The mean age at which menarche was experienced in this study was 13 years, premenstrual syndrome was common in most respondents but the most frequent symptom was upset stomach. Most of the participants showed regular menses which occurred once in a month and the duration of bleeding were 3-5 days.

Conclusion: Majority of the respondents experienced severe pain during their menstrual cycle but his pain did not disrupt academic and personal activities. Dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia were observed as the most common menstrual disorders while amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea were observed to occur less frequently.

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