Anatomical Study of the Nerve Supply of Camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Distal Forelimb with a Special Reference to the Cutaneous Innervation

Jamal Allouch


Introduction: The aim of this study was described the nerve supply of the distal forelimb to facilitate access to nerve block in dromedary camels foot. This work showed numerous branches of the radial, ulnar and median nerves were supplied the dorsal and palmer aspects of the metacarpus and the axial and abaxial surfaces of the third and fourth digits.

Material and Methods: Ten distal forelimb from slaughtered adult of one-humped camels of both sexes and different ages, 4-6 years were used in this study. The forelimbs were preserved in 10% formalin about one week, then the skin was removed, the nerves gently rubbed with a gauze pieces immersed in 1% glacial acetic acid to remove the tissue surrounding the nerves of the distal forelimb.

Results: This study has shown the numerous branches of the radial nerve supplied the skin of the dorsal surface of the metacarpus and the abaxial aspect of the third digit. While the ulnar nerve gave many branches along its extension to the skin of the palmar surface of the metacarpus and the dorso-abaxial and palmarabaxial surfaces of the fourth digit and the interdigital surfaces. The median nerve gave numerous branches to the skin of the medial surface of the metacarpus and its the last branches supplied the palmarabaxial  and palmaraxial  of the third digit.

Conclusions:The current study was tracking of the nerves of the distal forelimb  of  camels. This important for determination the areas of the nerve block to attain successful regional anesthesia of the this region including the skin, tendons and joints.

Keywords: Nerve Supply, Camels, Distal Forelimb, Cutaneous Innervation, Anatomical Study 

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