Assessment of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Endogenous Sudanese Children

Faroug Bakheit Mohamed Ahmed, Nagah A.A. Mohamed


In this a community survey, one hundred twenty four children (56 boys & 68 girls) from rural area in Sudan, mainly Elshagalwa village in Nile state, were invited to take a part in this study. Aiming to assess blood Iron status and investigate the presence of Iron deficiency anemia, this study was conducted. The sample was selected on the basis of children age 6-7 years.

The laboratory measurements (mean ± standard deviation) for children in the study sample were Hemoglobin (13.2± 1.3 g/dl), packed cell volume (40.6±5.7%), mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (33.3±2.0 g/dl), serum iron (72.4±28.9µg/dl), and total iron binding capacity (346.0±8.18 µg/dl,) and transferrin saturation (21.6±1.08 µg/dl).

The study revealed that the mean values of measured parameters fell in the normal range. However, only 7.2% of the study samples were found suffering from anemia according to World Health Organization [1]. Child sex showed no effect on Iron status among study population. 

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