Ethno-Pharmacological Survey, In Vitro Anti-Sickling and Free Radical Scavenging Activities of Carapa Procera DC. Stem Bark (Meliaceae)

Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua, Tshitenge T. Bishola, Tshimankinda P. Mpiana, Virima Mudogo, Sha-Tshibey D. Tshibangu, Kabamba N. Ngombe, Elumba G. Ekutsu, Zoawe B. Gbolo, Ngandu O. Kabena


Drepanocytosis is a genetic and neglected disease, endemic in negroids population. One of the main characteristics of this pathology is the production of a large amount of free radicals, leading to a severe oxidative stress and the consumption of NO by free oxygen radicals, and/or by cell-free plasma heme. The consequences of this defect are hemolytic anemia and tissue damage brought about by the blockage of blood vessels by the sickled cells. The present study evaluated the antisickling and radical scavenging activities of extracts from Carapa procera stem bark using Emmel’s test and the DPPH assay. Carapa procera was selected through an ethno-pharmacological. The results showed that methanolic, ethyl acetate and dichloromethane soluble fractions, anthocyanins and organic acids exhibited a significant antisickling as revealed by the observed normal biconcave form of sickle erythrocyte (normalization rate > 70%) in hypoxic conditions. Methanolic extract exhibited a good radical scavenging activity (ED50 = 1.698 ± 0.079 µg/mL). The chemical screening performed on the plant revealed the presence of anthocyanins and organic acids which were then extracted. Total anthocyanins and organic acids revealed interesting antisickling and antioxidant properties that could justify the integration of Carapa procera in Congolese pharmacopoeia for the management of sickle cell disease. Bioactive extracts from this plant species could increase nitric oxide by scavenging free oxygen radicals. For the best our knowledge, Carapa procera has not been yet previously reported as antisickling plant in the traditional medicine database of Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

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