Ecological problem of Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea

S.Z. Salahova, Sh.A. Topchiyeva, I.Kh. Alakbarov


The article presented the results of analyzes of heavy metals in the water, which has taken from the area of oil and gas fields ("Oil Rocks", "Gyarbi Absheron", "Absheron Bankasi" and "Bulla") of the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea seasonally from 2011 to 2013. Identify the exceeding average level of permissible concentration for iron, zinc, copper; their values corresponded to Fe (0,163-0,197 mg/L) at the MPC 0.05 mg/L, Zn (0,141-0,171 mg/L) at the MPC 0.01-0.05 mg/L Cu (0,002-0,008 mg/L) at the MPC 0,001 mg/L. The highest concentrations of heavy and transition metals occur in iron and zinc in the water. Thus, the maximum concentration value for iron and zinc are shown on the oil-gas field "Bulla" and they are follows: 0,197 mg/L and 0,171 mg/L. In each of the investigated samples were found zinc, copper, cadmium, mercury, lead, iron and nickel. 

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