Estimation of Total Testosterone levels in Sudanese Male Smoker

Al Toma H. Bajouri, I. Omer F, M.K Sabahelkhier


The effect of smoking on testosterone levels is important given the recent interest in the link between low levels of testosterone and the development of cardiovascular disease because smoking has bad effect on diet of person i,e. Heavy smoking lead to loss appetite for person. Cigarette smoking is highly prevalent among men. Many studies have evaluated the effect of cigarette smoking on levels of male reproductive hormones; however, the findings still remain controversial. The main objective was to study the effect of cigarette smoking on total testosterone hormone in male. Eighty blood samples (80) were collected from apparently healthy Sudanese individuals. Group one (40 males) was represented smoker group, age with 18 -50 year, duration of smoking ranged from 5 – 25 years and average number of cigarette \ day is 17.18± 13.1. While other 40 individual are non smoker (Control), all volunteers were recruited from Khartoum city, Sudan. Four ml of venous blood were collected from each volunteer serum, Total testosterone were measured using (E L I SA) full automated hormone analyzer. The results were indicated that total testosterone levels among the smoker (M ±SD 3.6 ± 3.6) were significantly low compared with control group (M ± SD 5.2 ± 2.3). In addition, it is not effect by age and BMI (Body Mass Index), but it is effect by number of cigarette\ day. 

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