Effectiveness of Applying Behavior Therapy`s Techniques in Stereotypical Behaviors, of Autistic Children

Masume Kalantari, Majid Pakdaman, Majid Ebrahim Pour


Aim of this present research is determine of effectiveness of applying behavior therapy`s techniques in stereotypical behaviors of Autistic children. This research is a semi trial project without having an evidence group. Statistical society of the present research includes all the autistic students of special autistic children's school in Tehran in 2012-2013. From autistic children schools of Tehran 16 children 7-14 years old were selected as sample and placed in a group consisted of 16 persons. The sample group participated in treatment meetings in two months (two 60 minute sessions in a week). Findings of research, making use of the correlated examination showed that implementation of behavior treatment techniques reduce stereotype behaviors in children.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20286/nova-jmbs-03036


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